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Truckers Helper Priority Service Program and your Support Options for Truckers Helper.

The program comes with free web based support via our online Technical Support Request form , and on our Web Forums. There is a $25.00 per incident charge for Level II Support. You can get unlimited Level II support by signing up for our Priority Service program (see below).


If you have networking we provide the instructions and the required activation numbers free of charge. Consulting with your IT person or doing remotes to get your network up and running will be $25/session. A session is 15 minutes. This fee is waived once for initial startup. We will also allow one session per quarter free of charge if you have Priority Service.

Priority Service

Our premium support plan offers:

  1. Free or discounted upgrades to new versions of the program
  2. Online Updates with the latest IFTA tables and new features for the current version of the program.
  3. Free unlimited Level II Support. You can sign up for this program by calling our Sales Staff at the number below or just click the appropriate link.

Note: Level II support. You will be able to call in and leave a brief message describing your issue to our Tech Support Staff. At this time they will decide what the best action will be to resolve your issue. It will be totally at their discretion whether to call you, have you submit a Technical Support Request or initiate a Remote Support Session with you. Priority Service customers also receive priority in replying to Technical Support Request forms.

We will continue to provide Online Updates for all users free of charge for the current version of the program. These updates fix any program bugs, but do not include new features or improvements to the program or IFTA updates. Please use the Technical Support Request form for registration numbers or issues and to report a bug in the program.

The Truckers Helper Support Team

To purchase Priority Service, call Truckers Helper Sales 800-875-7435 or simply click your version below and you’ll be directed to our web store.

Thanks for your continued support of The Truckers Helper.