Everything you need to run your Trucking Business: Smarter & Faster
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The Professional Trucking Software for
Small Companies with up to 10 Trucks.

  • Integrated Accounting System saves you time from billing through payroll.
  • Dispatching and Load Management tools to keep you on top of your loads.
  • Complete Safety Compliance maintains driver safety records and facilitates log compliance.
  • Integrated Routing System can totally automate your mileage entry and IFTA reporting.
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Full Version Features

A full featured accounting program, designed specifically for Truckers Helper, is included with the program. This module tracks all your trucking expenses and includes credit accounts, a check register, accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing and more.
Mileage Reporting
An easy to use mileage entry system records all miles run for each trip.
Log Validation
The program includes a full featured log verification program for use by drivers and small fleet owners. You can use the program to be sure that your logs (or your driver's logs) are legal. The program includes a DOT acceptable log page that can be used to keep your logs in the computer. This page can be printed out, as can the monthly recap. The program also includes automatic log letters for small fleet owners.
Settlement Reconciliation
This feature provides you with a quick and easy way to balance your settlements and enter your income into the program. It ensures you're paid for reimbursed expenses, all trips run, etc.
Customer Records and Address Book
A complete customer record system is provided to keep important information on customers. This includes space for directions, contact names, etc.
Driver Records
Keep your own driving record, or those of your drivers, in the complete driver record system.
Fuel Reports
The program tracks gallons purchased in each state and miles run by state. Reports are available for an individual truck or a fleet of trucks.
IFTA Reports
Take the work out of IFTA reporting. The program provides you with a complete IFTA report detailing all information required for IFTA filing. The program meets all IFTA and DOT requirements for fuel tax tracking and recording.
Truck Maintenance
Records are kept on all periodic maintenance, and future maintenance can be scheduled as well. Using your intervals, popup reminders inform you when a truck is within 500 miles of scheduled maintenance. A tire tracking feature also allows you to keep a record of tire serial numbers and tread readings.
A handy and informative inventory section provides you with records of what you have on hand. Includes minimum quantities and prints out a shopping list of all items below the minimum quantity.
The program supports billing using quantity, miles, weight or a flat rate and includes most other trucking specific types of billing. Custom fields also allow the addition of user specific charges.
Load Tracking
Enter your pickup and delivery points, scheduled pickup and delivery dates and times, and add new shippers/receivers on the fly. This page is designed to speed load entry as well as truck and driver assignment.
This feature uses the information from the loads section to track current & pre-booked loads, and provides you with a check call section to keep track of all check calls and related notes.
Load Board
This feature replaces the old white board with available loads you\'ve booked by not assigned, loads waiting for pickup, loads enroute and loads for any particular truck. Keep track of and schedule loads with the built in load board.
Trailer Tracker
For the small fleet owner, here's a simple and fast way to keep track of trailer locations. If you do your own billing the Trailer Tracker will automatically keep up with trailer locations from the pickup and delivery records.
Pallet Tracker
This feature works in conjunction with the dispatch section, or can stand alone. Enter pallet information along with dispatch information when drivers call in. Tracks pallets given, received and bad by pickup/delivery location.
Payroll System
The Truckers Helper features a complete payroll system designed specifically for trucking companies. Pay based on mileages, percentages or salary. Import information automatically from the mileage and billing sections to automate your payroll, or enter payroll items manually.
Based on the ProMilestm Truck Routing system, our optional routing module totally automates your mileage entry and provides IFTA and DOT acceptable routing and mileage records for fuel taxes. Also includes load rating, complete driving instructions, etc.
Fuel Optimization
For an additional fee, fuel optimization will give you access to fuel prices updated daily via the Internet. Detailed routing includes where to purchase fuel, gallons to purchase, etc. It is estimated that using the Fuel Optimization will save you anywhere from $25 to well over $100 per month on fuel costs.
Network Capable
The Truckers Helper program and data can optionally be shared over your existing peer-to-peer network. Currently there is a limit of 10 concurrent users.