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One of the biggest problems we’ve had with providing the best possible support to our customers has been dealing with calls from those who are not entitled to free phone support. The program comes with 90 days of free support. After that, phone support is reserved for Priority Service users. Prior to our current system, every time a call would come in from someone who is no longer qualified for phone support, we would be tied up for 10 to 15 minutes explaining the support policy, which is already explained in several places. While explaining that they will need to pay for support if they want us to help them over the phone, people with Priority Service couldn’t get through because the lines were busy. In order to deal with this problem we have set up an automated system to qualify all callers before passing them on to Support.

When you call, the system will prompt you to enter your customer number. Enter that number and the system will tell you whether or not you still qualify for free phone support. The automated system can deal with helping you register the program, getting you in if you’re locked out and several other issues. If you are qualified for phone support you will be passed on to the support menu. This menu will give you the option of speaking to someone in support if we’re available, or leaving a message if we’re not. Since we are usually on the phone, leaving a message is the best option. Calls will normally be returned within a few minutes during normal business hours. If you don’t leave a message you can call for days before you finally get in, so leave us a message with your customer number and a short description of the problem and we’ll give you a call back.

Other options for support are detailed on the message system. They include our Technical Support Request form on our TECH SUPPORT page, the search box also on the TECH SUPPORT page that searches our Knowledge Base (this is the same information we use to help us with problem resolution), and of course our Forums where you can post questions and read the answers to other people’s questions and problems.

While we realize that nobody wants to talk to a machine our options are limited to –

We opted for the later and believe that it will give us the ability to provide the best possible support to everyone. Thanks for your continuing support of the Truckers Helper.

Truckers Helper Support Team