Our Video Tutors are the Perfect Way to Learn About The Truckers Helper!

You can either play or download the tutor of your choice. To play a tutor, simply click on “Play”. For best results, maximize your Windows Media Player. If you’d rather download a tutor for future reference, right-button click on the “play” link and select “Save Target as…”.

Using the Program

  • Getting Started [play]
    adding your truck and get started with the program
  • Using the Program (Part 1) [play]
    an overview of how The Truckers Helper works
  • Using the Program (Part 2) [play]
    the second half of Using the Program


  • Introduction [play]
    an overview of the income and expense section. Watch this tutor first!
  • Loans[play]
    detailed instructions on setting up and making payments on loans
  • Manual Entry[play]
    detailed instructions on entering your income and expenses manually (instead of using the trip sheet or quick entry)
  • Memorized Transactions [play]
    how to setup and process regular monthly payments
  • Quick Entry [play]
    using the quick entry to simplify your data entry
  • Printing Checks [play]
    detailed instructions on setting up and printing checks
  • Reconciling Your Accounts [play]
    how to use the reconciler to reconcile your payment accounts
  • Register [play]
    how to use the account register
  • Other Functions [play]
    other accounting functions

Program Functions (Listed Alphabetically by Function Name)

  • Address Book [play]
    keep customer records, directions, important reminders, etc. in our convienent address book
  • Backup and Restore Functions [play]
    use these functions to move your data between a laptop and desktop, for database maintenance and to protect your data from loss
  • Billing [play]
    Entering your billing information is the first step in booking a load
  • Brokering and Contractors [play]
    available in the Fleet Version only – detailed instructions on assigning loads to outside contractors
  • Dispatch [play]
    designed for use when the driver calls in
  • Driver Records [play]
    keeping your own or your drivers records
  • Fuel Tax Tables [play]
    editing the IFTA tax rate table
  • Keeping An Inventory [play]
    keeping a simple inventory
  • The Load Board [play]
    assign and view your current loads, all loads by truck number
  • Loads [play]
    entering your PickUp and Delivery information
  • Log Validation [play]
    instructions on how to use the log master for entering your own or checking your drivers logs
  • Mileage Tracking [play]
    tracking your mileage for trip reporting and IFTA
  • Online Updates [play]
    setting up the program to connect to the internet and getting online updates
  • Pallet Tracker [play]
    tracking pallets picked up, dropped off, rejected
  • Payroll Setup [play]
    setting up your payroll
  • Payroll Running [play]
    running your payroll
  • Report Writer [play]
    viewing and printing reports
  • Routing [play]
    using ProMiles routing to automate your mileage entry and plan your trips
  • Settlements [play]
    reconciling your settlements
  • Status Box [play]
    how to setup the status box display on the main and the Income and Expense pages
  • Trailer Maintenance [play]
    entering trailer information and maintenance
  • Trailer Tracker [play]
    track trailer locations and dropped trailers
  • Trip Sheet [play]
    a tool for entering your trip information, mileages and expenses
  • Truck Maintenance [play]
    entering your truck information, setting up your truck loan and entering truck maintenance